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Kepier woods, Durham
A woodland footpath on the banks of the River Wear

Ref No. BW029
High Force
High Force waterfall from above the falls

Ref No. BW024
High Force
High Force waterfall from the south side of the River Tees

Ref No. BW021
Trow Point
Rough seas pound the coast on a misty day at Trow Point, South Shields

Ref No. BW017
Grasses & Groyne
The familiar landmark at South Shields across the grass covered dunes

Ref No. BW015
Conversation Piece
A series of public art sculptures at the mouth of the River Tyne at South Shields

Ref No. BW014
Whitburn, Tyne & Wear
A solitary dog races along the tide line and twin vapour trails dissect the early morning sun

Ref No. BW012
Bollihope, Co Durham
The simple shapes of these man-made landforms make an intriguing composition

Ref No. BW009
Bollihope, Co Durham
Nature has reclaimed and covered these spoil heaps which now have a beauty of their own

Ref No. BW008
Bollihope, Co Durham
A disused and flooded quarry at Bollihope in Weardale

Ref No. BW007
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